22 January 2010

Short and Sweet

I realized recently that my blogs can get pretty long. I'm going to try to keep this one short. There is no real purpose to this one. I just have a little rant and a little rave to share.

My knee is causing me lots of pain. I don't know exactly what happened to it, but when I was running on the treadmill on Monday night it just started hurting. I was going to quit at three miles, then at four miles, but ended up doing the whole five through the pain because I didn't want to be a quitter. Now I'm realizing that that was probably a really stupid idea, and that continuing to run after the pain started just made it worse. Now, I'm not supposed to run, dance, zumba, kickbox, drive too much, or use the stairs in my house excessively for 30 days. The doctor said that in thirty days I could start again, slowly, taking a month to get back up to five miles. Grrr! That means in 60 days I will be right back where I started last week, only leaving myself 2 1/2 months to work up to 13.1 miles. HOPEFULLY, the Xray will show that there was no fracture, and I can just start back up again as soon as the pain goes away. Rant complete.

Jocelyn has been wearing big girl panties since Saturday (except for nap time and bedtime -- we still need to buy a waterproof sheet for her bed), almost a whole week now. Over the weekend she had a couple pee accidents because she didn't get to the toilet fast enough, but she has had no poop accidents. The past three days, she has kept her panties dry all day, and even awakened from her nap with a dry diaper! Her morning diaper is still wet, but other than that, she is pretty much potty trained. I'm not going to officially declare that as fact until she can go a good two weeks with zero accidents...but I feel that happening soon. I'm so excited about this. The jelly beans and the stickers are super great motivators. However, today she went a few times and was so excited about flushing the toilet and washing her hands that she forgot all about the jelly beans and stickers! She's getting so big. I just cannot believe how easy this has been so far. I'm such a lucky mommy! Rave complete.


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Cori Gentry said...

Boo knee. Yay Jocelyn!