29 September 2009

Fly Bys

Well, I have not posted a blog in nearly 5 months. This might seem kind of odd because I have been in front of the computer quite a bit, and have had a lot to share. I think the problem is that I have discovered Facebook. I update people in little 1-3 sentence blogs twice a day and that makes me feel as though it is unnecessary for me to post longer blogs here. Plus, I don't think anyone reads this anyway.

The last time I published a blog was, 2 days before we left Japan for good. Here are some things that have happened since then:

* Team Hayes spent a month in Nebraska with Brad's family.
* We moved to Hawaii, got a house, and got semi-settled in with Amanda and her two boys living with us for the first 2 months
* We took a trip to California to spread my Dad's ashes and also to celebrate being a part of the Tjerrild family at Bass Lake
* Brad got promoted to Chief Petty Officer (BIG deal)
* I have had 3 very uneventful OB appointments. Yes, 3 appointments in 5 months. I sometimes forget that I am even pregnant.
* I have spent hundreds of dollars on cloth diapers for Jocelyn and Samuel, that will in turn save me thousands....I'm sure of it.
* I have made some great new friends and enjoyed plenty of time at the beach.

There is lots more that has happened, but that seems to cover the main points. Five months is a really long time to try to look back and write about all the experiences that I've had in that period of time...but it has just flown by! I can't believe that I am going to have a new little baby boy in a couple of weeks!

I'm going to try to update this blog more often. I will also aim for it not to be about a bunch of stuff that everyone already knows. We'll see how this goes. :)