28 January 2010

On the other hand....

Today I was washing a glass in the kitchen sink.

Oh my gosh, it is hard to type.


Anyway, I was trying to wash some orange juice off the bottom of the glass, and it cracked as I was turning my hand and I sliced myself down to the bone/tendons.


I spent some time in the E.R., waiting in the waiting room, waiting to get an x-ray to ensure I didn't chip my bone, doing nothing for over an hour during a fire alarm, and finally getting three stitches and a cast.


Thank God for friends like Gabe and Melynda, who watched the kids and picked me up at the hospital (and Stephanie who was on standby to pick me up)! Brad was sleeping when this happened, around 1:30. He drove me to the hospital, but had to go to work at 4:30.


Anyway, I've quickly learned that being left handed is a disability. I cannot do any of the following things very well, or at all, with my left hand:

* brush my teeth
* drive
* use chopsticks (good night for Mongolian, huh?)
* fasten a diaper
* wipe Sam's butt (or my own butt, for that matter)
* use a computer mouse (especially ours because it is a trackball)
* text message
* dress myself
* sign a credit card receipt
* open a can of soda (I should be drinking water anyway, right?)
* and so much more, these are just things that I have unsuccessfully attempted in the last 6 hours.

Luckily, the cast is only for 24 hours, and the stitches will come out in about a week. Unfortunately, I can't swim until it is ALL the way healed, in approximately two weeks. What's the deal? I finally get dead set on working out and getting in shape, then I hurt my knee. So, I start swimming, and now I can't do that now either? Hmpf. I tried to do a Pilates DVD tonight and the stupid cast made it quite difficult. Fail.

Since, Brad and I are not using birth control, and I don't get a period (due to breastfeeding), we have agreed to take a pregnancy test on the first of every month. If some higher power is dead set against me getting in shape, I bet I will have some exciting news come Monday! Ha! I'd be happy and excited, but dang it! I just want to do that half marathon in June!

Okay, it has taken me forever to type this all left handed. So, I will stop here and leave you with the following PSA:

Please remember to wash carefully, and NEVER drink and do dishes. :)


Dean said...

I can't believe you pulled out your phone/camera while they were doing your stitches. Thanks for the warning but I still almost hurled at the computer. Maybe God is trying to communicate something to you.

Kristen Long said...

Awesome!! Love the pictures from the hospital! You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

I guess working out isnt quiet for you at the moment.Being a lefty it does get quiet hard for certain things and the best part Jesse is a lefty as well! ha But I know you've only been using your left hand for a day, so when everything gets better you will be just back to your righty way! hehe =D