14 January 2010

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Okay, actually five weddings. I have been in five weddings. I am only referring to the last one as a funeral because my good looking body has died and I wanted to pay my respects.

February 2002: Stacey's Wedding
This was less than a week after I graduated field survival/POW training. If only they hadn't taken my right eye, I'd look great in this picture.

January 2004: Amanda's Wedding
I dyed my hair red and wore six inch heels, and still managed to look pretty good.

December 2004: Jodi's Wedding
I dyed my hair bright orange and forgot to wear a bra...but it could have been worse!

December 2005: My Wedding
I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted to, but still managed some lovely photos.

{In the mean time I had two babies}

January 2010: Kylie's Wedding

I know I have been pregnant twice, but it is still sad to undergo the transformation from pre-baby body to post-baby body. I'm not looking for sympathy, but motivation. I want to look like I did at Stacey's wedding! I know that is impossible, but I'm going to work my butt off (I'm speaking figuratively here, people, I know I don't have a butt) trying to get as close as I can! Until then, I'm going to make sad faces at all of these old photos.


Stefanie-Elizabeth said...

Okay you are hilarious!!!! I almost bloew oj out my nose....you can totally do it!!!

Cori said...

OMG your eye!

Kaysie said...

You can do it Amy! It sounds like you have a lot of motivation going. And since you've been posting on FB and now blogged about it, you have a lot more people to hold you accountable - which I find super helpful!

Anonymous said...

Aww look how tiny Joseph was at Stacey's wedding!! I was super fat at that one... Thin for the next three then bigger at mine last week. It's all a process, we're not 21 anymore :)