03 January 2010

The Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five – Bradrick Style:

Since this is the Happy-Team-Hayes Blog and not Happy-Amy-Hayes Blog and I am part of Team Hayes I can use it.

I don’t follow blogs as often as I should, I will try harder to keep up with them. I usually get the highlights from Amy but lately she has been busy. I just found out last night from my sister-in-law that I was included in one of the infamous top 10 list that everyone has been blogging about. Thank you Dean for all the nice things you said. I’m sorry you were restricted to just 10 things to say about me.

I feel like the ball is now in my court. So, I have decided that I will give this top 10 thing a shot. I had a hard time figuring out who I wanted to do a top 10 blog about. Because I think that blogging a top 10 of just one person seems to be getting a little stale, I have chosen this top 10 to be on the fabulous five…..The Cheatham girls or rather the girls formally know as……The Cheatham girls.

Top 10 fast facts about….The Cheatham Girls. Jodi, Amanda, Stacy, Kylie and Amy:

10. They are all very smart and will probably comment on all of my grammatical mistakes.
9. They have all swam across bass lake.
8. If you can’t beat-em Cheat-em
7. They can’t be convinced that sharks are computer generated.
6. One word - Karaoke. They all know the lyrics and will happily sing/rap you Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song, Baby Got Back. Seriously…ask any one of them.
5. They have all flown in a helicopter.
4. One word…Drama. Days of our lives can’t hold a candle to...(scratch that)
4. Two words - Homemade syrup. Aunt Jemima is not welcome in their houses.
3. If they didn’t have to stop talking to breathe they could talk non-stop for at least 24 hours.
2. Two words - Abel Skivers. You can’t have a Cheatham brunch with out those little pancake muffin things.
1. When together they can transform into Optimus Cheatham.
This was a harder than a thought it was going to be and it feels a little rushed. Oh well it’s a blog right? I look forward to any suggestions.


Patty said...

Love it!! That was pretty darn good. Good job Brad!! You can hack Amy's blog anytime!! Oh wait, it isn't hacking when it is your blog too. Kinda like it is not babysitting when us mom's leave dad the kids!!!

Kristen Long said...

You did a wonderful job Brad!!!

Deaners said...

Great job Brad. I love the list. Jodi had a good laugh. You should write more often.

Amanda Evans said...

OMG! I am peeing my pants laughing in the airport right now! That was awesome, Brad! Thanks for the shout out! :-)

Stacey said...

So I am a little late to the scene, but I am laughing nonetheless! Optimus Cheatham: PRICELESS!!!