16 May 2010

Future Husker Cheerleader?

Sixteen more years of practice, and she will be the best Cornhusker Cheerleader ever. "Start 'em early!" :)

I wish my blog would cut off the left side of the video, instead of the right side! If you click the link in the top left corner, it will take you to youtube, and you will actually be able to see Jocelyn in the frame. :)


Amanda Evans said...

Totally adorable. Now all she needs is an outfit...don't you have one? If not, I'll get her a Penn State one and teach her how to spell Nittany Lions...HAHAHAHAHA.

Kaysie said...

She has the cutest little voice!

Anonymous said...

Amy... I still have the cheerleading outfit for you. It is actually in the car ready to go to the post office. PM me on Facebook with your address again.


Rachel said...

Very cute! We'll forgive her for the team of choice :)

Question for you...we are headed to South Carolina next week and I'm still debating how to pack. I need to bring her stroller, but not car seat. Do you gate check your stroller when you fly? I do have to check the car seat on the way home (buying one out there). Do you wrap your car seat in bubble wrap or put it in a box? Just trying to find the best way to get everything there and back in one piece! Any travel advice is much appreciated!