20 December 2010

Round Is A Shape

I have never before been ice skating without falling at least once. This is usually due to me thinking that I am a much more talented ice skater than I really am. Last night, I didn't fall once. Perhaps it was because I didn't try to attempt any 1/2 axles like I usually do. I did get to experience something else completely new at the ice skating rink last night, and that was sharing one of my favorite winter time activities with my two year old daughter. Jocelyn knew we were going to be ice skating in the evening, so all day she wouldn't stop talking about it, and how excited she was to go. Then we got there, and I was heartbroken when she refused to let anyone put the adorable tiny skates on her feet. This lasted for nearly an hour. Then all of a sudden, she changed her mind! We got out on the ice, and she didn't want to leave. She nearly cried when her skates were taken off. That's my girl. :)

Another plus for me, is that I am NOT sore at all today. This has never happened. Perhaps it's because I didn't fall at all, but usually just wearing skates and using those uncommon muscles will leave my ankles and legs aching for a day or two. I'm thinking this means that Boot Camp has made me a better, stronger body. No muscles went unworked in that class...and I think that prepared me better for an activity like ice skating! I cannot wait to start again in January.

The soreness from last Sunday's marathon was completely worn off by Wednesday, which was nice. Monday was awful, and I thought Tuesday would be even worse because usually day two is worse for me. However, Tuesday was not nearly as bad as Monday, and Wednesday I was nearly back to normal. My feet were not nearly as torn up as they were after the half marathon, and I am considering referring to myself as an actual 'runner' now! :) I think I have a little while to go until I am pleased with my physical appearance, but as far as being in shape and feeling in shape, I'm very impressed with myself. If you would have asked me at anytime in my life, up until about 6 months ago, if I would ever enjoy running, the answer would have been, "No way!" I am a girl who smoked for 5 years, the entire time I was in the Air Force. That whole time I was on active duty, I did my yearly PT test and not much more as far as exercise went. I might have looked better, but my bodily health was crap. It feels so good to finally feel so good! Haha.

Anyway, I hope I can concentrate on the healthy aspect of what I am doing, instead of getting caught up in the, "I want to be skinny" aspect of it all. After ice skating last night, I was reminded that Jocelyn's single biggest influence in her life is me (at least for now). I need to be a model of good health, good eating decisions, and smart activity choices for my kids. I also need to avoid being too consumed with my looks, to avoid teaching them about body image anxiety issues. These are all hard things to do, but I have found that the smartest decisions are easiest to make when it involves the lives of your children, and not just you. Obviously smoking, sloth, and Smirnoff were much more easily put in the trunk once my world started to revolve around my kids instead of just me. Though sometimes it will be hard to make the right choices, or even know what the right choices are, I hope that I will find it easier and easier to strive to be an example for my children in all aspects of life.

Don't be afraid to hold me accountable. :)


Jen G-son said...

You're such a good mommy, because you can realize what a huge influence you are!!! My mom taught me my body anxiety and I have trouble forgiving her for her flaws while giving me one of mine!!!

I hope to one day be in that mindset of healthy isn't worse then skinny, or whatever that means. :)

Cori Gentry said...

I'm so glad that you are getting to really FEEL the benefits of your hard work! I've spent most of my life working out to achieve a look, but now that I've accepted that that look is, for me, unachievable... I've had to pay more attention to what working out helps me DO. I feel like I am in better shape now, at 6 months pregnant, than at any other time because I feel strong! Amy that's such a good lesson to pass on to your children, hopefully I remember to do the same!