26 January 2011

How pregnant are you?

I think this question is dumb. There is no degree of being pregnant beside the fact that you are or you aren't. You cannot be "kind of" pregnant.  From the moment I conceive, I am full-on, all the way, 100% pregnant.

Now, it would be okay to ask, "How far along are you in your pregnancy?" That makes sense. However, I'd like to note that different stages of pregnancy affect people differently.

So, there are six or seven pregnant women in Brad's building, but the parking lot only has two reserved parking spots for 'expectant mothers'. I guess there was a quarrel because a woman who was farther along in her pregnancy (not more pregnant) was irked that a woman who was not very far along in her pregnancy (still just as pregnant) had parked in one of the reserved spots.


If the sign says, 'expectant mothers', and not 'expectant mothers in their third trimester", then no skinny mama deserves dirty looks from a big belly mama.

Yes, it is easier to earn sympathy when you actually look like there is a basketball under your shirt. But, let me tell you, my third trimester of both of my pregnancies (even after my due date)was more comfortable that either of my first trimesters. And that is why I will start parking in the expectant mother spots from the day I find out that I am pregnant.

When I am feeling dizzy, like I am about to puke or pass out, or both, I don't want to walk a mile across the parking lot in the heat (especially when carrying one or more other small children). When I am 41 weeks pregnant...I am going to be hot and sweaty regardless, plus I will want to force myself to walk as far as possible to get those freaking contractions started because baby is overstaying it's welcome in my belly! Does this make sense to anyone else?

I guess I am just saying that I don't think I deserved those dirty looks I got when I parked in the expectant mother parking spot in front of the NEX when I was 2 months pregnant with Sam(and 10 pounds lighter than before I conceived). The reason I was skinnier than normal is because I barfed up everything I ate. Trust me, you cannot judge a pregnant woman's discomfort based on the size of her belly. I also don't think that the woman at Brad's work should get sympathy for being farther along in her pregnancy. If she wants the spot, she should get to work earlier.

Not all women get sick in the beginning, and some stay sick all the way through. Everyone is different, but I don't think it is fair to say that one pregnant woman is more deserving of a parking spot based on the size of her belly, when there could be many other factors involved. First come. First served. Period.


Mrs. Drama Queen said...

Know what I like about you? You're all about fairness. I've never been pregnant, but I know a LOT of pregnant women would disagree with you. Mainly because I've heard it mentioned repeatedly. But it is food for thought.

Stefanie-Elizabeth said...

I loved this blog. Good job Amy!

Amanda Evans said...

I am peeing my pants laughing right now, hahahah! Good points, my dear! I especially like the "if you want the spot, get to work earlier" comment. LOVE IT!!!

Tracey said...

I TOTALLY agree with you! Now here, it's all of the middle aged men that take the expectant mother and parent with child parking places, and that's way worse!

Arizona Girl said...

I agree there is no degree of being pregnant. I was doing well in my third trimester with my son, but it was the first that I was so sick and couldn't do anything without being worn out. I wouldn't mind being pregnant if I could be in the 3rd trimester for the whole 9 months.
Also this reminds me when I was in college I tore my ACL, I could still walk fine, so the doctor let me postpone surgery till the end of the semester. On the condition, no stairs, and that I'd get a handycap hanger. I got the dirtiest looks parking in the handycap places.

Cori Gentry said...

Not all pregnancies are created equal. First tri's can blow, who doesn't know this? And even if I DID just run 5 miles that morning, I want to park in the expecting mothers spot at BabiesRUs. I just puked in a bush. I've earned it.