08 December 2010

Miss me?

I haven't blogged in a bit. To say that I've been busy would be a lie, but I have added some new things to my normal schedule. I have been running quite a bit since my last blog, training for the Honolulu Marathon (which is in 3 days, ack!). I have moved into a beautiful new house, hosted a couple parties, and decorated for Christmas since my last blog. I have been going to a Monday night women's Bible study for some time now, but Brad and I started going to the Friday night family version since my last blog. I have made some new friends at MOPS since my last blog. Also since my last blog, I have started doing boot camp classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 0715. I don't know if you remember this blog,http://happyteamhayes.blogspot.com/2010/08/fat.html, but when I posted it, I was signed up to start boot camp classes on September 4th. That didn't happen thanks to my appendix no longer wanting to reside in my body. I even posted 'before' photos in the blog right after that one. However, I'm pretty sure I looked exactly the same at the end of September, if not fatter (thanks to my post surgery laziness). After a month of no serious physical activity, I started running again in October, then started Boot Camp in the middle of November. The instructor took my measurements back at the end of August, and today I got measured again. Guess what, I lost some stuff! I lost some inches here and there, some pounds here and there, and some other junk too (I'm sure).

This is the before and after according to her measurments:

before- 155
after- 146

before -41
after -38

before -33.5
after -31.5

before -22.75
after -21.75

before -10.75
after -10.25

body fat percentage:
before -35%
after -32%

Metabolic age:
before -43
after -35 (yikes!)

I didn't get to participate in the biggest loser competition this month because my original measurements were so old...but next month? It's on! I still have a long way to go to feel comfortable posting 'after' photos in that same swim suit from September.

In addition the the joy I feel with this physical accomplishment, I just feel so much more joyful as a person lately. I had some serious problems this summer finding joy in things. I would get mad at complete strangers for really silly things, and I was allowing myself to be consumed by anger and frustration regarding things that were completely out of my control. I thank God for my ladies bible study group, and the timing at which they decided to do a John Piper study called "Fighting For Joy". I have found it difficult sometimes to fight for joy in certain things, but at the same time I have found it easy to be grateful for all the blessings that I have. My most recent struggle involves all of my amazing blessings. I have been asking myself questions about the lost and the unreached, and how God has allowed them to become so lost. It is so overwhelming sometimes to think about how many millions of people on our planet have never even heard the name of Jesus, much less had the opportunity to hear the gospel and become saved. The past few days I have had some trouble finding joy in the fact that these people are the complete opposite of blessed while I am sitting here with SO MUCH! I have been so happy lately, between surrounding myself with wonderful Godly women who hold me accountable, and all of the happy endorphins I get from my increased exercising, that I have seemed to forget about those who don't have so much to be happy about this holiday season and always. I want to challenge myself to continue to find joy in all that I can, but also put a lot more effort into praying for and supporting missionaries who are spreading the gospel around the world. It has been placed on my heart to take part in a short term missions trip this year, whether it be the one I am thinking about right now, or some other one I can join up with, I really want to bring others the option to fight for joy in God.

Wow, strange blog, huh? "Yay, I lost a few pounds" turned into some pretty deep stuff pretty quickly. I'm sorry if this caught you off guard...but that's just me!

I honestly don't think I will get around to blogging before the year is up, so Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all of you. I hope you are able to feel blessed this season, and find some way to share those blessings with someone who needs them!

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