30 October 2010

Ten things I'm wondering about

10. Why did Jocelyn wake up crying for a half hour last night. Did she have a bad dream? Why couldn't she effectively communicate to me what the heck was wrong? Why did I have to feel so helpless to make her feel better?

9. Why are there husbands out there who cheat on their GORGEOUS and skinny wives...wives who work out, work hard, keep their houses clean, stay busy, look put together all the time, and are faithful and loving...while I am lucky enough to get a good looking husband who loves me and stays faithful to me even though I am not nice, gorgeous, skinny, hardworking, organized or even clean?

8. Why have I had no feeling in two of the toes on my left foot for the past week? Did I drop something on it while moving boxes or furniture? Did they become desensitized because of my ill-fitting running shoes?

7. How is it that I have a one year old and a two and a half year old? I mean, didn't I just help finish building a JAWS themed homecoming float last week?

6. How is it possible to love my kids as much as I do?

5. Will Brad be able to keep up with me in 6 weeks as we run the Honolulu Marathon? Better yet, will I even be able to cross the finish line in 6 weeks at the Honolulu Marathon?

4. Who is going to want to wake up at 0330 to watch my kids that day?

3. Why do some girls have to be so stupid and drama-riffic? And, why am I not trying harder to avoid being one of those girls?

2. How can some people get pregnant one month post-partum, while breastfeeding, and yet I am one year post-partum, no longer breastfeeding and still not getting pregnant?

1. How, even with God's amazing grace, can I successfully fight for joy everyday, even on bad days? Why does it have to be so hard sometimes!

These are just thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last hour. I could make this a "100 things I'm wondering right now" list, but I'll spare you. :)


Anonymous said...

I think you’re gorgeous... =)
What day is the Marathon? I can maybe spend the night at your house if it’s not a school day and then just wake up with them in the AM =)

Let me know..

Jessica M said...

Girly, you think and worry as much as me! You are perfect in God's, your family and friends' eyes! What a blessing to meet you and get to know such a wonderful mom and wife!! No worries, everything is in His time!! XOXO beautiful friend! :)

Cori Gentry said...

Wait... are you trying right now? And you are doing a MARATHON? Like... a whole one? Hold on a minute while I get ready to worship you.

Stacey said...

I stole this blog idea from Amanda, who stole it from patty :)