01 September 2010

I don't really want to do this...

Okay, here are my September 1, 2010 "before" photos. Yes, photos. Plural. I have decided to post three of them, and I will tell you why. When you see ads for weight-loss-whatever, the before photo always shows the person making them self look fatter with bad posture and a depressed facial expression. Then, in the after photo, they are strategically posed, sucking it in, and super happy. I could take both of those pictures right now! So, I did. This "before" series of photos includes one sticking-it-out/sad-faced photo, one just-standing-there-normally photo, and one trying-to-suck-it-in-and-pose photo. The three fattest versions of me are as follows:

Fat, ugly face, bad posture pose:

Normal, just standing there pose:

Trying unsuccessfully to make myself look skinnier than I really am pose:

Look how much I've accomplished in just 30 seconds!

I plan on posting the same series of three photos on September 30th (taken on September 30th). Here is to hoping they don't look identical to these ones!

Now that this is posted...I actually have to do stuff to ensure that I make a difference! ACK! Wish me luck, motivation, and will power!

The real before and after (20 pounds lost) of the "standing normally" pose:


Jen G-son said...

I've been considering doing this...I took a before photo three months ago and at the end of this month, I want to post an "after". What are you doing to work out besides run?

Team Hayes said...

I'm starting a Tues/Thurs boot camp class next week. I also plan on swimming every now and then to give my legs a break from the impact of running. The working out is going ot be the easy part...but that doesn't work for me by itself. The challenge is going to be changing my eating habits.