19 February 2010



Three weeks and two days. On March 15th, my sister and her two boys will be coming to visit again. They lived with us for two months last summer while Amanda filled a reservist position at Hickam AFB. I watched the boys every day. This time, They will be staying for four months. They won't be living with us, but I still get to watch the boys every day! Jocelyn is going to have so much fun having playmates again. And, I will get a taste of what it is to function with four children under the age of four (at least until Trevor turns 4 on March 29th, which also happens to be Jocelyn's 2nd birthday).

Amanda and I are the two who have always had to miss out on family Christmases, baby showers, and niece and nephew birthday parties because of our military affiliation. So, it is nice for us, and for our kids, to get to spend this time together. When Brad retires from the Navy, we will most likely live in Nebraska, and our kids will not get to grow up with all of their cousins in California.

I've been considering doing in home CDC care for some extra income, but haven't been motivated to actually go fill out the paperwork. Having Trevor and Parker here for four months, will let me know for sure, if I'm ready to do that. I'm really excited, and a little bit anxious for this to happen. I have been telling myself that it will be a piece of cake...but, I'll keep you posted. :)


Anonymous said...

Jocelyn will have a blast!!! Well if you need help I'll be here! =D

Amanda Evans said...

Woohoo! Cute blog entry! The boys are getting excited as well! ARE YOU SURE you are ready for four kids?????