26 February 2010

Chitter Chatter Cheatham

It was my nickname when I was in the Air Force. However, it was a second hand nickname. It belonged to my sister Amanda when she was an airman at her first base, long before she showed up at my first base and mentioned it to my leadership.

Well, nothing has changed. I have always talked too much, and I will always talk to much. There is no changing me. Sometimes I will interrupt and go off on a tangent because I think my story is more important. I'm sorry. However, now that I have accepted this, and am aware that I do it, I have become desensitized to people telling me to shut up. I'm used to it, and I sometimes expect it. I will not get sad if you just come out and tell me to stop talking. I will appreciate it, really.

Today I had a few conversations (in person and via email) in which I, in retrospect, might have gone a little overboard. As I'm talking or typing, I'm convinced that the person on the other end is dying to hear what I have to say next. Then, looking back, I realize that they were probably just waiting for me to hurry up and make my point (if I even had one). Unfortunately, I think this happens more often than I am aware of.

Please don't be afraid to stop me, people. With that said, this blog is over. :)

The bad news is my blogs are long.

The good news is that they are clean!

Please don't be afraid to stop me, people. With that said, this blog is over. :)


Amanda Evans said...

You are so funny! I miss that nickname! Now that we are Evans and Hayes, Chitter Chatter doesn't rhyme!

Erika said...

Where'd you find the things to rate your blog's profanity and the word usage?? LOL. It'd be entertaining for my blog!