01 November 2008

Foosball is for the devil!

I am sitting here typing this in the last 10 seconds of Nebraska getting their butts whooped by Oklahoma. A lot is going through my mind about the importance of football in America. Why do people get so excited about this? Why do I get so excited about this? I am not going to stop being a college football fan but, seriously, how can this be such a big deal to me or to anyone? Why do we idolize these people? The life of a college/professional football player revolves solely around moving a ball from one end of a field to the other. Why is this a talent we all admire so much? In the big scheme of things, who cares if someone can get a ball to the end of a field? Some of these people lack written and verbal communications skills, the ability to balance a checkbook, or even the knowledge to tell you what the electoral college is. Some of these athletes cannot even tell you the name of the speaker of the house or the difference between 'except' and 'accept'. How can we value athletic ability over common sense and general knowledge when we are choosing who we will admire in our lives? Why can't we get dressed up and paint our faces to cheer for people who have actually accomplished things that change our world for the better? I want to get a cheering section together for the next Nobel Peace Prize awards ceremony. I want thousands of people to wear clothing adorned with the name and favorite colors of a person who has made a significant difference in the world. It is ridiculous to think, in this time of economic struggle for our nation, that sports programs are thriving while so many other serious endeavors are suffering. The athletes that get paid millions of dollars are not going to be affected by a bad economy, even though many of them don't know how to make good financial decisions. Yet, the average guy who is affected by this financial crisis is still helping The Manning Brothers to get their enormous paychecks. What?!!? It's an unexplainable and unjustifiable thing that riots are started, people are killed and personal property is destroyed based on some random person's ability to get a football across the goal line. Friendships can even be ruined due to sports rivalries. It doesn't make any sense! I am sad today because Nebraska lost. But, why should I waste time being sad over something that has NO affect whatsoever on my life? It's just crazy! I want to go to a book signing for Jean-Marie Gustave Le Cl├ęzio with some pom poms and let him know that I am a fan of his accomplishments and give him a big high five for his Nobel prize win (He's kind of a hottie, I'm sure that he would have tons of groupies if only people were aware of his existence). Why don't people do this? They are too busy obsessing themselves with athletes and movie stars. People let their political and religious beliefs be swayed by athletes and actors who have never even graduated high school. We should be more influenced by educated people when it comes to these matters. However, educated people will never have the status to influence the general public. Why do we recognize and support (with our hard earned money) talents that are relatively pointless? Why, why why, how, how, how...these questions will never have a justifiable answer. But, here I sit, in a crummy mood because Nebraska couldn't move the football as well as Oklahoma. Whatever. Go big red!


Halleez said...

My Response - "Someone's bitter! It's ok, my DAWGS sucked ass today.. it's a good thing I kept Eric out of the house. Otherwise, things would've been REAL ugly today."

Eric's Response -" I understand why you ask the question: Why do we idolize the pro sports players? It's because we want to live vicariously through them & be apart of something. We can't, so we support them in the ways we can by buying their apparel, the season package, etc. As for their big paychecks and economic decisions, they hire financial advisors for all that nonsense... or atleast the guys playing now a days do. As for the college kids; we watch them to fulfill a sense of pride in the fact that these kids have chosen to play for "our" team, "our" alma mata, "our" state or what have you. So, we watch them religiously every Saturday. Win. Lose. Or Draw. That's the best way that WE can support them. In a few years from now when they do happen to turn Pro, we can support them by buying the TV package, the cards, the jerseys, you name it. So...the cycle starts all over again."

Anonymous said...

le clezio deserved it but
america has 2 strong candidates for nobel of literature
noam chomsky[philosophy]
and adrienne rich[poetry]

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