31 October 2008

Just kidding

The previous blog was posted during the time immediately after the "mistake" that I thought I had made. I was very emotional about the fact that I had lost someone that I considered a good friend. It was kind of dramatic and self-pitying. I'm sorry for that. The truth is, and I have come to realize this with the help of many (real) close friends, that I did not make a mistake at all. I am not going to apologize when I don't mean it and I am not going feel bad about doing something that I would have wanted someone to do for me. I am not going to feel bad about taking a risk to help someone, when they can't even pause to consider what I have to say. I am going to tell myself that this person is unaware of what a great friend I am and that I am not the one losing in this situation. That may sound very egotistical to say, but it's the truth. What I actually learned from this whole thing is that HONESTY is always best, no matter what (and that people who don't feel that way should not claim to).


Halleez said...

Amy, since I can remember, you've ALWAYS been a great friend no matter the circumstances. Even in highschool, you always bent over backwards for people just for the sake of "being there" for someone when they needed it.

If someone doesn't APPRECIATE you in your entirety, then they don't deserve you at all.

Deaners said...

There are plenty of circumstances in my past where I needed the hard counsel you provided (my last girlfriend). I wish they had not beat around the bush and confronted me. You can't control another person's response to the truth, no matter how lovingly you communicate it. If in your heart you did it for their best interest, then I say be at peace with your decision.