16 September 2008

Quarter Century

Jocelyn and I have been keeping pretty busy with modeling jobs, swim lessons and school. She has been scarfing down any type of new food I give her! She loves sweet potatoes and turkey (just like her daddy) and bananas, apples and pears. She is happy almost all the time and the life guards at the pool love playing with her while I teach my lessons.

My 25th birthday is the day after tomorrow. It definitely doesn't feel like it. In fact I haven't really thought about it much until I received a card from Brad's grandmother today. As I was opening it, I was thinking, "why am I getting a card from Brad's Grandma." When I opened it and saw that it was a birthday card, I realized that my birthday is actually coming up. I fear that I have outgrown the novelty of the birthday. I wish that I could find some way to get joy out of it, but it's just going to be another day. Plus, I am saving all of my excitement for the return of my husband! Well, I guess I will be able to rent a car in the states now without paying the extra for being under 25! Whoopee.

Brad comes home next week! We are so excited. Sadly, he will only be home for about five days, and he'll have to spend the night on the boat two or three of those nights. It will be a true test of my fertility! Then he will be gone until Thanksgiving-ish. The good, scratch that, GREAT news is that once he returns in November...he will not be leaving us again for four and a half years! It's crazy! I don't know what we are going to do with so much time together. It's definitely going to be weird, but a good weird.

Look forward to some Team Hayes photos next week. We don't have very many of the three of us as a family.

Now, I've got to get my rear in gear and clean this house before he gets home!

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TaterLove said...

That is awesome you can all can finally be together in November!

Happy Birthday! :)