03 September 2008

Huge in Japan (almost)!

So, I got the music video job that I wrote about in one of my previous posts. I don't even have to audition. It's not exactly what I expected, however. It's kind of like trying out for the part of the hot girl and then getting cast as her mom. However, I like my job better, and it pays more. They were looking for a couple girls to do cheerleading dances in this video. I knew I wouldn't get hired because I am not skinny or hot enough, but they asked me to send them photos anyway. Well, when she called me today I was expecting to hear the usual, "Sorry you weren't selected." Instead, she said, "I have some questions for you." As you can imagine, this got me a little bit excited. She asked if I would like to play the part of the cheerleading instructor. I eventually interpreted this to mean that she wants me to to teach the girls, who are actually cute enough to be in the video, how to dance. She said that the girls have dance experience but have never cheerleaded, uh, led cheer...whatever. She said that her agency only deals with models and that they have never dealt with this kind of thing before. She asked me how much I would charge. I had no clue what to say! The model/dancer job was going to pay $150. I told her $250. She said that was definitely reasonable and then I hit myself for not quoting her more. I'm not going to obsess about the money, though. Hello?! I choreograph cheerleading dances in front of the mirror all the time anyway. She e-mailed me the song and I have been hopping around my living room for the last hour or so while Jocelyn has been napping.

So, I get to be the mom instead of the hot daughter. But, you know what? The mom doesn't have to deal with the pressure and scrutiny of being hot, and the mom gets paid more! :)

I tried to post a link to the song, but I couldn't figure it out. It's called 'I'm Alive,' and it is by BECCA. I think it's on iTunes.

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