03 September 2008

busy busy

Well, I'm not terribly busy. But, I haven't updated this blog in about two weeks so I thought it was about time.

Jocelyn's first modeling Job went very well. She loves the camera. I cannot wait for the magazine to come out on October 7th. She's got a few more auditions and jobs lined up this month. We actually went to an audition in Tokyo today and she did great. I even passed the photo selection for a music video audition that will be happening next week! I submitted some photos upon request at the modeling fair in April, but I have never passed the photo selection board. We'll see how that goes.

In the mean time, my second term of online classes started this week. I am taking biology, biology lab, libs, and principles of effective learning. My neighbor, Moriah, is also taking the biology classes so we saved some money by sharing the $120 book. We did our first lab together on Monday. This term is going to be harder than the last term, but I think I should be able to stay on top of all the work.

Tomorrow I will start teaching swim lessons again. I will be doing group lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights and a couple of private lessons here and there. The aquatics staff doesn't have a problem with me bringing Jocelyn to the pool, so it will be nice to not have worries about child care.

The base schools all started last week so I stopped by the high school to let them know I was still available to sub this year. I had originally planned on not going back to subbing so that I could stay home with Joey, but I figured that a couple days here and there wouldn't hurt. One of the girls that taught swim lessons with me graduated from the high school last year and will be here until November. She said she had no problem with me dropping Joey off with her on the days that I have to sub. I don't have any days on the schedule yet, but with all of the away football games coming up they will be needing tons of subs every Friday.

Brad and I hired a contractor to fix up the house back in Nebraska. He should be starting next week. He will be installing all new carpets and all new windows. Replacing doors and painting everything. It's going to cost us about $16,000. We still haven't heard from our lawyer about the tenant's response to being served. We will probably never see a penny from this woman, but if we have to force her into bankruptcy that is still a win for us. We are vindictive like that. We listed the house on a military housing website and have already seen some interest. However, we need to find a new property manager and wait for all the repairs to be done before we can show it to anyone. We hope that it will be ready for new tenants by the beginning of October.

Brad will be home at the end of the month (hopefully). He is so excited to see his baby girl, even thought it will only be for four days. He will have to leave again right away for a fall deployment and we hope to have him back by Thanksgiving. After that, he shouldn't have to go out on a ship for over four years! I am so excited to finally be able to be with him. We have never spent more than three months together consecutively in the 5 years we have known each other. It will be a welcomed change. In case you don't already know, we got orders to Hawaii. We will be moving in May and we will be there for four years before having to go back to sea duty.

Team Hayes is doing swell for now. I just wanted to keep you all posted about what is going on with us.


Anonymous said...

you mde it PAST the photo selection... not passed. Haha. I love you. Guess who this is...

Patty said...

HI. Thanks for updating your blog. I really do enjoy reading it! I love the pictures of Joey and seeing how happy she always is. I hope she is feeling better from her UTI. Give her lots of kisses from Auntie Cousin Patty and we hope to see you soon.