21 October 2012

Carried Away

A few days ago I was listening to the radio and the station was promoting the San Diego Blood Bank.  I have tried to give blood at least a dozen times, but have only been able to do it about four times thanks to a tattoo, a piercing, a pregnancy, a surgery, a trip to a foreign country, or a low hemoglobin level holding me back.  I figured that I was in a good window to donate, over a year since Haiti, and a month? before becoming pregnant.

I have zero problems with needles.  I don't mind being poked multiple times for someone to find a vein in my arm.  I am patient, and blood doesn't bother me at all (especially if it is my own blood).  I got hooked up, and filled my unit bag in five minutes flat.  Then, I don't know what happened...but I woke up reclined with ice packs on my face and chest with five faces hovering over me, asking if I was okay.  Oops!  I totally passed out.  I have a history of passing out (vasovagal syncopal episodes), but never because of needles or having blood drawn.  I was so embarrassed!  After about 10 minutes they let me get up to go to the bathroom, then made me sit and eat cookies and drink juice for 10 more minutes and I was good to go.  I stopped by the the KSON radio tent on the way out and got a t-shirt and some horse show tickets that they were giving to people who donated.  They also had me fill out an entry for Carrie Underwood tickets.  I almost didn't do it because I felt yucky and just wanted to go sit in the air conditioned van. I still felt a little off, so I let Melynda drive home.  We stopped by the dry cleaner to pick up Brad's uniforms and I puked my guts out in the bathroom of the McDonalds next to the dry cleaner.  I felt immediately better and back to my normal self.  I am still kind of shocked at my reaction to giving blood!  Weird.

The next morning I was awakened by a phone call from the radio station, telling me that I won the tickets and meet and greet passes for Carrie Underwood!  I couldn't believe it.  I had just won some pretty awesome VIP tickets to Dave Matthews Band from the YMCA last month, so I thought I had used up all my luck.  They told me to email them by noon with the name of my guest, and some questions that I would like to ask Carrie.  I guess she didn't want to answer "would you rather" questions about puking on stage, because mine didn't make the screening cut despite the radio folks telling me they were great questions.

Anyway, my friend Megan and I went last night and had a great time!  Meeting Carrie was fun, she is so pretty and sweet.  The concert was great and we really enjoyed her opening act, Hunter Hayes.  I was also really entertained by the group of teenage girls sitting right by us. We met some other people in the meet and greet process, who sat with us and were lots of fun.

Passing out and puking while giving blood is not something that would deter me from donating again, because the potential to help save a life is worth it. But it was made even more worth it by having the opportunity to share such an awesome night with a great friend!

On a completely different note, I think I am going to start buying lottery tickets instead of entering drawings for concert tickets. :)

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Cori Gentry said...

It's the worst right? I will def never donate blood, I don't think I could even get out of the car. Sorry your experience was yucky, very weird that you didn't have a history of it happening. Yay Carrie :)