28 August 2012

Double Reset

I love the conversations that Sam and Jocelyn have with each other.

Sam:  "Jocelyn, what's that in you mouth?"

Jocelyn:  "I'm just drinking water, Sam."

Sam: "No, let me see in there."

Jocelyn, opens her mouth and some water drips out.  They both laugh hysterically.

Sam (laughing, and now wearing a bowl on his head for a hat): "You got water on you, Jocelyn!"

Jocelyn: "Well, at least I don't have a bowl on my head!"

Sam:  Let's do sommersaults!"

Jocelyn:  "Okay!"

Cup and bowl set aside, and sommersaults commence.

I love this job.

I refuse to allow myself to get caught up any longer in my emotional reactions to things that just don't really matter to me.  I am done convincing myself that they matter to me.  I won't let these things distract me any longer from living simply and enjoying every little joy this life has to offer.   :)

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