26 October 2009


So, I'm very, very pissed/sad/frustrated/stressed etc. Brad and I went to dinner at a Chinese food restaurant tonight. We parked the van RIGHT OUT FRONT of the glass windows of this place. I swear I locked the doors to the van and Jocelyn must have hit the unlock button on the keys when I let her play with them to shut her up while we were waiting for our food. Anyway, My hospital bags were in the back of the van. I KNOW THIS for a fact because Jocelyn took her shoes off on the way to the restaurant and I had to fish one of them out of the bag when we got there. Seriously, even after filing a police report for theft...I wish I would just find them in the house and feel really stupid about all of this.

After we got home, I cut up pieces of the ice cream cake that Brad brought home for me today. I wanted to take a picture of it and post it on Facebook to show off how great my husband is. I went out to the van to get the camera out of my hospital bag. Hmm. Not there. Gone. Gone. Gone. Let's try to recall all that was in that bag...

- $400 camera with a $50 8GB memory card in it
- 4 of the only kind of nursing bras that I like, that Motherhood no longer manufactures...Plus the brand new one that I bought just the other day (don't ask why I thought I need 5 nursing bras for the hospital...I've never been known to pack light, okay!)
- 'What to Expect When You're Expecting', 'The Girlfriend's guide to Pregnancy', the new Cosmo, the new People, a brand new crossword puzzle book, and a mensa logic problems book that I JUST bought 2 days ago to keep my mind working while in the hospital
- The adorable fuzzy Halloween sock/slippers that Melynda got me for a push present
- The super great Pink Polka dotted nursing night gown that Kharisa sent me (I was so excited about that thing)
- The best robe ever!
- a bunch of sports bras, chonies, and socks
- a hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, a brand new Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus, a brand new Clinique eyebrow pencil (grr - I never pay $13 for those things, but I ran out of Avon ones and needed one right away), lots of other toiletries and makeup
- my birth plan, which I deleted off of the computer after printing and putting it in the bag (why did I do that?)
- The night gown that I planned to wear, and bought specifically for, the delivery of Samuel
- The two Brand new $50 Pea in the Pod nursing tops that I made Brad buy for push presents, that I have been dying to wear since July.
- my cell phone charger
- Ugh, and other things that I cannot remember right now

I'm sure that I will continue to remember things that were in that bag, and continue to become more and more irritated with the fact that some punk kids probably tossed it in the trash when they discovered that the contents were useless to them. The stuff in that bag was worth over $1000 to me...and NOTHING to the idiots who grabbed it out of the car.

Positive side: They didn't take the $500 Phil and Teds stroller (that I did not pay $500 for) out of the back of the van. They didn't take the brand new $175-never used Britax car seat (that I got for $35). They didn't take the bag that I had packed for Samuel (with fancy cloth diapers and the outfit I've been planning to bring him home in, blankets, pacifiers, etc). Nothing in that bag was irreplaceable except for the photos that were on the camera.

I'm confident that I will not be going into labor tonight...so I will get to go on a $500+ shopping trip in the morning (definitely not going to the hospital without a new camera). But, having to buy things to replace things that were stolen just doesn't seem like it will give me the normal high that I usually achieve from shopping.

I am so bummed right now. But, I know it could be SO much worse, so I'm going to try my best to count my blessings and head to bed...after I retype my birth plan.

If I would have just let them induce me today, this wouldn't have happened...not that I think Cori is having any better of a night than I am. Or, if Samuel would have just been born on his due date, or any of the 8 days following his due date, this wouldn't have happened. That kid doesn't know how much trouble he is in when he finally shows up!



Anonymous said...

I am sooo sorry! OH the stress and unfairness of it all~I'd sure love to KICK someone for you! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Deaners said...

Sorry to hear about the robbery. Yeah for car insurance!!! What camera are you buying? You can get a lot for that kind of money.