07 October 2009

Getting Excited (in more ways than one)

Today I am about 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I'm not anywhere close to giving birth, which is fine with me because I really want to go to the Navy Ball on Saturday night. I bought a dress at Ross in Salinas back in February, right after I found out that I was pregnant. It still fits! Now, I just have to decide on which shoes to wear (which is hard when there are 50+ pair of 3-4 inch heels in my closet). Yesterday, my doctor told me to consider wearing flat shoes. Oh, he doesn't even know.

Since we are on the subject of my doctor...I'm so glad that I'm almost done having to see him on a regular basis! This is going to sound totally wrong, but he is a good looking guy, and he is really friendly and nice. I hate that! I wish he was ugly. It just makes me feel uncomfortable to have him check me for dilation. The military assigns you a PCM (primary Care Manager) who becomes the default every time you make an appointment. The last few times I've made appointments, the person asks me, "with Dr. Smith?" and I want to say, "no". But, I would have no clue what to say if they asked me why. "Uh, can I see another doctor please, because I think Dr. Smith is cute and I don't want him touching me, especially in the pink parts. Please assign me to a lady doctor, or at least an ugly doctor. Thanks." I figured that I was going to have to get checked at my appointment yesterday, even though I knew I wasn't even close to dilated. Brad worked from midnight to noon, so he was home. I really wanted him to come with me, but he wanted to sleep (understandably). He's probably going to want to come to the next one after reading this!!!

Anyway, the reason for the title of this blog is not because of my doctor. It's because I'm excited to get dressed up for the Navy Ball and go out and enjoy myself with my Husband before Samuel arrives. And, of course, I'm excited about the impending arrival of Sam!!!! This might be TMI, but I haven't let Brad touch me over the past couple weeks for fear that any hanky panky might bring Samuel into the world early, messing up our Navy Ball plans. So, of course, Saturday night all the Hanky Panky that we can handle will be allowed. Perhaps Sam will even be born on Stacey's birthday (13OCT), though I think Joseph's birthday (21OCT) is much more likely.

You might be thinking that I should not be so obsessed with going to the Navy ball, but you must understand that I love getting dressed up, I love wearing tall shoes, I love making my hair look fancy, I cannot wait to see Brad in his NEW fancy Chief dress whites (you should be excited about this, too), we already paid $120 for the tickets and have FREE childcare for Jocelyn. Plus, we've decided that we are going to win the grand prize that evening -- a 52" HD LCD Flat Screen TV. I'm tired of arranging our living room around having to put our current TV in a corner because if we put up against a wall it sticks out 4 1/2 feet! It's a monster. I think it weighs about 900 pounds. The movers packed it on top of our dresser on the way here from Japan, and then had to buy us a new dresser.

This blog is a bunch of randomness about being excited, but the next one will most likely be super duper excited due to Sam being here. So, come back and check it out if you are interested in all the gory details of him coming into the world!


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