28 April 2008

One month!

Wow. I can't believe Joey is one month old already. If the months continue to fly by like this, she is going to be 18 before we know it!

2 days old

1 month old

25 April 2008

Huge in Japan

Today was the bi-annual modeling fair on base at Yokosuka. A bunch of Japanese modeling agencies come to recruit Americans. They love little American babies! I only filled out info sheets and printed pictures for Joey. These people went crazy over her! She was the youngest one there. Most of the 10 agencies that were there only represent models ages 0-19. There were 3 agencies who represent all ages. All three of the 'all ages' agencies asked why I didn't have my paperwork and asked me to email them my information. It felt so good to get complimented like that! Even one of the kids agencies asked me if I wanted to do mommy/baby modeling for them! I know this probably sounds like I am bragging, cause I am, but I am so excited that I wanted to share it. Brad called it. I told him that I was only registering Joey and he said, "I bet both of my ladies get a job tomorrow." No jobs yet. We just sit and wait for them to call us for auditions. You bet we will let everyone know if Joey gets a job. This girl is going to pay for her own college with her good looks!

Janis: Regina George... How do I begin to explain Regina George?
Emma Gerber: Regina George is flawless.
Tim Pak: I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.
Amber D'Alessio: I hear she does car commercials... in Japan.
Kristen Hadley: Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
Short Girl: One time she met John Stamos on a plane...
Jessica Lopez: - And he told her she was pretty.
Bethany Byrd: One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.

-Mean Girls

Mommy and baby:


24 April 2008

Thankful for sleepless nights

Last night was really, really hard, or so I thought.

I was so frustrated that Joey didn't feel like sleeping at all. I was afraid that there was something wrong with her because I could not do anything to calm her. I was so tired.

Then I realized how thankful I should be for getting to be here with her. I get to spend all day with her everyday. I don't have to work, and won't have to. We can go for walks if we feel like it and go out to dinner.

I find myself complaining to Brad about how hard this is. He says he wishes he could be here to give me a break. He is really understanding and supportive.

If I were Brad I would tell me to shut up and stop complaining. This poor guy has teared up more than once wishing he could be here to witness all the adorable things our daughter does. he has to live on a boat! He has to eat boat food and work out in the boat gym that is shared with 5000 other sailors! He has to work 18 hour days and sleep on a bunk in a room with a bunch of other people.

His situation makes me feel so guilty for crying over a bad nights sleep. Last month, while the ship was gone, there was a period of 50+ hours that he wasn't even allowed outside because of the weather. The ship's deck, which is usually 100+ feet from the water, was nearly submerged in the high seas. A helicopter on the flight deck disappeared for 20 seconds or so. This is a video taken from the bridge:

Keep in mind this vessel has a 4 acre flight deck, is over 1000 feet long, 130 feet high and it holds 6000 people!

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask a favor of you. If any of you ever hear me whining about how hard my life is trying to be a mommy with no help and no husband around, tell me to stop for a moment and think about how hard Brad has it. He doesn't even get to see his own daughter, not to mention his life is significantly harder than mine is!

P.S. Here is a cute picture of Joey from today...

Passed out in the stroller after our run. Doesn't look too comfy!

23 April 2008

MySpace is no place for children

I realize that not all people are into the myspace thing. Even though there is nothing vulgar on my personal myspace page (I cannot say the same for my husband), I have decided to start a family page/blog now that we have a little one. I wanted to purchase a webpage like my sister, Amanda. I looked into Team Hayes dot com, org, net, etc. Brad didn't want to spend the money on it and then have me not keep it current. He is convinced that I never finish anything that I start. He's pretty close to correct. So, for now we will try out the free blogging. If I keep up with it and people actually look at it, perhaps there will be a TeamHayes.net in the future.

Now, on to the reason for this change! Our beautiful daughter, Jocelyn Joy was born on March 29th at 10:49 a.m. here in Japan. Brad might tell you her birthday is March 28th because it was 8:49 pm on the 28th in Nebraska when she was born. She was 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

We went to the hospital at about midnight the night before, so we weren't there too long before she decided to join us. I don't remember much of that 10 hours. Brad will tell you that i was quite loopy. I don't really remember. I guess one of the doctors had asked when the first day of my last period was, and I told her a story about the first time I saw a shooting star. Brad wrote down some of the strange things I said and I didn't remember any of it. I have already forgotten about all of the pain and discomfort. We plan on getting pregnant again around January 2009 after Joey gets a good 9 months of breastfeeding.

Joey is 3 weeks and 4 days old today. We have been walking to the track on base and jogging every day for over a week now. We started out with a mile, then upped it to a mile and a half, and today we did 2 whole miles. Joey is lucky and gets to sleep through it! We are hoping that Daddy gets us a jogging stroller for Mother's day! I weigh about 3 pounds more than I did before I got pregnant, and I hope to keep losing weight so that perhaps I can get away with wearing a two-piece bathing suit this summer for the first time in 3 years! I was worried that with my genes, I might experience some PPD, but I feel so great! Exercise really releases happy endorphins! Plus, how could I be sad? All I have to do is look at Joey's beautiful face and I can't help but smile.

My baby is so cute!

Me, 3 weeks and 4 days after birthing a baby!