24 April 2008

Thankful for sleepless nights

Last night was really, really hard, or so I thought.

I was so frustrated that Joey didn't feel like sleeping at all. I was afraid that there was something wrong with her because I could not do anything to calm her. I was so tired.

Then I realized how thankful I should be for getting to be here with her. I get to spend all day with her everyday. I don't have to work, and won't have to. We can go for walks if we feel like it and go out to dinner.

I find myself complaining to Brad about how hard this is. He says he wishes he could be here to give me a break. He is really understanding and supportive.

If I were Brad I would tell me to shut up and stop complaining. This poor guy has teared up more than once wishing he could be here to witness all the adorable things our daughter does. he has to live on a boat! He has to eat boat food and work out in the boat gym that is shared with 5000 other sailors! He has to work 18 hour days and sleep on a bunk in a room with a bunch of other people.

His situation makes me feel so guilty for crying over a bad nights sleep. Last month, while the ship was gone, there was a period of 50+ hours that he wasn't even allowed outside because of the weather. The ship's deck, which is usually 100+ feet from the water, was nearly submerged in the high seas. A helicopter on the flight deck disappeared for 20 seconds or so. This is a video taken from the bridge:

Keep in mind this vessel has a 4 acre flight deck, is over 1000 feet long, 130 feet high and it holds 6000 people!

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask a favor of you. If any of you ever hear me whining about how hard my life is trying to be a mommy with no help and no husband around, tell me to stop for a moment and think about how hard Brad has it. He doesn't even get to see his own daughter, not to mention his life is significantly harder than mine is!

P.S. Here is a cute picture of Joey from today...

Passed out in the stroller after our run. Doesn't look too comfy!


Stacey said...

Amy - Love that you are blogging now. It will be so easy for me to see your photos and read your stories all in one spot.
Thanks for your message on my blog, too.
Now, I feel obligated to end this note with: can't wait for Bass Lake 08. (i truly can't, but it is so funny how we are all so focused on it!)

Stacey said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to respond to your great blog entry, too: it sounds kinda similar to my last entry. We are both just experiencing our lives from our own perspective. It is tough to see things another way. Thank you for being understanding and here's to our recognition of others. you know exactly my struggle, as you have been the recipient of my attacks. I am really working on it.

Patty said...

Yea! I am excited about your blog. I love reading them and seeing new pictures. Steve and I were in awe of the storm video. And I also catch myself complaining about the hardships of mommyhood and have to make special effort to appreciate it. It truly is a wonderful thing.