27 January 2011

Currently, I am...

Stealing: this blog format from Kaysie.

Reading: The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver. I am almost done, but kind of bummed because I am reading it for a book club, and I realized today that I am not going to be able to attend the meeting. I am sure I'd would really enjoy the discussion questions for this book, too! (And, there will be a Mexican food potluck) *sad face*

Looking forward to:
My sister Amanda, and her two boys are coming on Monday to stay for a month! Also, my sister Jodi, and her three girls will be coming for a visit midway through the month.

Stressing about: My house being a mess, like always. I have about 57 loads of laundry to do.

Craving: Yokosuka Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku. I have a feeling that Honolulu Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku is just not the same. I want Wagyu beef!

Proud of myself for: Consistently exercising, and enjoying it.

Wearing: Jeggings, flip flops, and a striped tank.

Avoiding: Debt, by trying my hardest to say no to things that tempt me. I suck at saying no to things that I REALLY want.

Sick of: The fact that so many people who try and try to get pregnant, fail, while Jackie-crack-head could care less about a baby and gets knocked up 3 times in one year.

Grace, forgiveness, and compassion.

Suffering from:
Impatience, frustration, and lack of trust in God.

Struggling with:
Decisions...all day, every day...and constantly wondering if I am making the best ones for the people I love.

Jealousy for those who have recently been more successful than I at getting pregnant.

Hoping to:
Claim an extra child tax credit on my 2011 tax return.

Excited for:
All of my friends who are expecting (even though I am also jealous).

Relieved by:
The fact that my husband doesn't set the bar too high for me. Haha. On Monday, when I quoted him my most recent boot camp weight loss stats, he asked what my ideal weight was. I said that I would love to be 125, but I would be very comfortable at 135. He said, "I think 125 would be too skinny for your height. I think 135 would be perfect." <3

Splurging on:
Travel. This year has presented plenty of enticing opportunities. But we had decided that it wasn't financially lucrative to do everything we wanted to do. So we had to choose which was more important between a mission trip to Haiti, a high school reunion, and a family reunion. We picked Haiti as the priority, but since finding out how much we will get back from our tax return, we have decided to splurge and attempt all of the above. It would be so nice to add a giant chunk of cash to our savings, but we decided that this will be the last year these things will present themselves, as we won't have to spend so much on these trips once we are stationed back on the mainland. We can save our tax return next year. :)

26 January 2011

How pregnant are you?

I think this question is dumb. There is no degree of being pregnant beside the fact that you are or you aren't. You cannot be "kind of" pregnant.  From the moment I conceive, I am full-on, all the way, 100% pregnant.

Now, it would be okay to ask, "How far along are you in your pregnancy?" That makes sense. However, I'd like to note that different stages of pregnancy affect people differently.

So, there are six or seven pregnant women in Brad's building, but the parking lot only has two reserved parking spots for 'expectant mothers'. I guess there was a quarrel because a woman who was farther along in her pregnancy (not more pregnant) was irked that a woman who was not very far along in her pregnancy (still just as pregnant) had parked in one of the reserved spots.


If the sign says, 'expectant mothers', and not 'expectant mothers in their third trimester", then no skinny mama deserves dirty looks from a big belly mama.

Yes, it is easier to earn sympathy when you actually look like there is a basketball under your shirt. But, let me tell you, my third trimester of both of my pregnancies (even after my due date)was more comfortable that either of my first trimesters. And that is why I will start parking in the expectant mother spots from the day I find out that I am pregnant.

When I am feeling dizzy, like I am about to puke or pass out, or both, I don't want to walk a mile across the parking lot in the heat (especially when carrying one or more other small children). When I am 41 weeks pregnant...I am going to be hot and sweaty regardless, plus I will want to force myself to walk as far as possible to get those freaking contractions started because baby is overstaying it's welcome in my belly! Does this make sense to anyone else?

I guess I am just saying that I don't think I deserved those dirty looks I got when I parked in the expectant mother parking spot in front of the NEX when I was 2 months pregnant with Sam(and 10 pounds lighter than before I conceived). The reason I was skinnier than normal is because I barfed up everything I ate. Trust me, you cannot judge a pregnant woman's discomfort based on the size of her belly. I also don't think that the woman at Brad's work should get sympathy for being farther along in her pregnancy. If she wants the spot, she should get to work earlier.

Not all women get sick in the beginning, and some stay sick all the way through. Everyone is different, but I don't think it is fair to say that one pregnant woman is more deserving of a parking spot based on the size of her belly, when there could be many other factors involved. First come. First served. Period.