28 February 2011

The cat is out of the bag...

First, let me share my super exciting news...

I lost 8 pounds this month! So, When I started boot camp in November I weighed 155. As of this morning I weigh 135. Well, her scale said 136, but that was while my clothes were drenched in sweat and immediately after I had just consumed a half gallon of water...so I am taking off a pound to make my weight loss an even 20. :) I have only stepped on a scale four times since July when I threw mine away. All four times it was on the scale at boot camp.

Next, let me share my even more super exciting news...

I plan on gaining that 20 pounds back (and then some) in the next 7 months. :)

Most of you know that Brad and I have been trying for months and months to conceive baby number three. Well, once it happened I decided I wanted to keep it a secret. That is hard to do without lying when so many people inquire monthly as to whether or not you've been successful.

I had good reasons for wanting to keep it a secret (or so I thought).

#1 - I saw the two pink lines right before three of my close friends were about to go into labor, and I don't think it would have been nice to announce it right then.

#2 - I have an irrational fear of miscarriage this time thanks to the forums on diaperswappers.com and the unfortunate abundance of loss announcements (15% of my due date club already). :(

#3 - I am going to Haiti. I know there are people who would try to convince me that it is not a good idea while pregnant. I will see the doc the week before I leave, and I will trust in God to protect me and everyone else on our team while we are there doing His work. Period.

#4 - I was going to run the first ever North Shore Marathon on May 1st. I still haven't completely ruled this out, and at the very least I will be doing the Wahine Diva Half Marathon on April 17th. I have already heard from one person, "But if something happened to the baby, wouldn't you just feel SO horrible, I mean...it would be all your fault." If the doc says I am okay to do this, I really didn't want to have to listen to people who have not been to medical school advise me regarding running while pregnant. Now, I have come to the realization that I have nothing to prove to myself or to anyone, and the only reason I really want to do a marathon while pregnant is so I can say that I did a marathon while pregnant. So, we will see.

#5 - I knew the more people who found out I was pregnant, the more I would transform into "pregnant Amy" instead of just Amy. I don't like pregnant Amy. Nobody does. As soon as I am pregnant, and people know about it, I use it. I don't want to be constantly complaining about how icky I feel and how tired I am like I did all through my first trimester with my other pregnancies. Yes, I feel super icky and tired (Boot camp isn't the only thing that helped me lose 8 pounds this month, TRUST ME), but I don't want that to define me to the people who are constantly around me. The few who are in the know have already had to deal with pregnant Amy's whining, and I feel badly about it because it's like I can't control it, or I am just not trying hard enough. It is just easier to control who knows than it is for me to control my whining. Sad, but true.

If you catch me whining or complaining, please call me out. I am very thankful for my 'morning' sickness. Really. Feeling like I need to puke/pass out all day is one of the biggest blessings in my life right now...so don't let me turn it into a bad thing. If I can successfully get through a day of working out, shopping, and swimming with four toddlers/preschoolers and simultaneously deal with feeling like complete caca, I shouldn't be able to use this ickiness as an excuse to not do anything (though I have already used it as an excuse to not do the dishes once or twice). I know I can be sick AND capable (with a little prayer and motivation)! Plus, this should only last another two weeks or so. It stopped right at 12 weeks both of the other times, so I am crossing my fingers that I'll be consistent when it comes to that.

Anyway, the plan was to wait until May 1st, after the marathon, to announce that we were expecting. Well, I am horrible at keeping secrets, especially my own. So, I give up.

Carolyn Sue (?) or Julius Roy (?) should be joining us at the end of September...unless my body keeps up it's reputation of being a super cozy place to hang out, then maybe early October. :) The plan is to wait until the birth to find out if it is a Julius or a Carolyn...but we all know how great I am at sticking to the plan.


m0r1ah said...

I am SO happy for you and Brad! Don't listen to the nay sayers when it comes to running the marathons. If you have been working out like that since before conception you will be cleared to run it during and to keep working out like that until the due date. On Runners World.com there is an article about two professional runners who ran through out their pregnancies with out any issues. I'll keep you all in my prayers and please keep me in yours as Rich and I want to start trying this summer :) Love you!

Cori Gentry said...

Our chapter on Amy's secret pregnancy is going to be a short one! You did better than I did though... I made it like 4 hours. Did you and Brad have an official bet on this? Anyhow, I'm thrilled, and pregnany Amy is at least not whiny online, because you never complained with Sam, I thought you were just a baby machine while I wondered if I would survive. We love you are are so excited to meet another little Hayes!!!

Erika said...

See?? I kept it secret! :-p

Again, CONGRATS!! :D

Sarah said...

Congratulations!!!! As soon as I saw "the car is out of the bag..." I was like - the girl must be preggers. haha If I see any facebook or blog whining, I'll be sure to slap you long distance. haha

Sarah said...

Amy, this is such exciting news! And seriously running while you are pregnant is nothing to worry about. When I was pregnant with Vance, I was training with TNT and had done my 21 mile run before I even knew I was pregnant! After that my coach made be go down to the half only because the marathon was in my 1st trimester. So, I ended up doing halfs at 7 weeks and 28 weeks. It is totally doable as long as you already have the level of fitness, which you do.

With Violet, I did step aerobics the morning I went into labor. ;)

I am so excited for you!

Stacey said...

You are whining.