09 June 2010

Hibiscus Half Marathon

I had been planning to do this race for over a year. Despite being a bit anti-climactic, it was a great experience! We finished as a family of four in two hours and thirty three minutes after a couple photo op breaks, two Brad bathroom breaks, and zero Amy bathroom breaks (I was shocked that I made it the whole way without having to go, that is not like me). My goal was two hours and thirty minutes, and I would have blown that out of the water but somebody didn't think he had to train (ahem, Brad) so we didn't keep a very even pace after mile #10. He's going to train next time, and we plan on eventually doing a full marathon as a family (perhaps with two double strollers?)! Here are some photos from that morning:

0500 pre-race family photo.

Getting the kids comfy in the stroller. They were so good the whole time!

Daddy holding onto the stroller while mommy waited in the LONG pre-race potty line.

Not so cute of me, but adorable of Jocelyn!

Pausing just past the 11 mile marker to take a picture with a beautiful back drop at the Diamondhead lookout.

Sam, showing off his purple. I made shirts for the kids that said, "My mom is running 13.1 miles for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training".

Jocelyn's shirt. I thought the LLS logo was cute because it almost looks like they are wearing race bib numbers across their tummies!

Both kids represented Team Hayes, of course.

As did Brad.

We ran for two people who were lost to blood cancer, my aunt Marcia's mother, Dorothy Rosander, and our friend Jason Gillett who Brad worked with at Offutt AFB.

Sam's first sunglasses!

Team Hayes right after crossing the finish line!

A photo my sister Amanda took of us after the race.

A reenactment of us crossing the finish line, because Amanda missed the real thing! ;)

The round hibiscus stone was my award for 3rd place in the double stroller division...which wasn't really a division...and I'm pretty sure there were only three double strollers anyway, but I'm still excited that Alicia (the LLS TNT coordinator) gave it to me when it was left unclaimed from another division! :)


Kaysie said...

Good job Team Hayes! I love Jocelyn's hair, and Sam's sunglasses are too cute!

Sarah said...

Great job, guys! That is really cool that they even have a stroller division. Most races don't allow them, even more reason to plan a race in Hawaii! ;)

Team Hayes said...

Sarah, I invented the stroller division! Haha. ;)

Cori Gentry said...

You are so hardcore Amy, so hardcore!

Jen G-son said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am that you motivated yourself to do this! I could never! Congrats!

9M (nine months & beyond) said...

You guys are awesome!!!

Sarah said...

Good job! Yeah, Carlos and I were most definitely untrained. Not because we didn't feel the need to, just ran out of time for obvious reasons. My goal was just to make it in under the 4 hr limit, not be picked up by the collection bus and make it as close to 3 hrs as we could. Between walking, jogging and running in short bursts, we managed about 4 miles an hour for the first 3 hrs and had a finishing time of 3 hrs 22 mins. Those last two miles were torturous! I had somewhat conned Carlos into the half marathon by just registering for the both of us so he had to. haha I was super surprised the day after when after a somewhat painful half marathon, Carlos was actually saying we should train and run another one in a couple months. Woohoo! So, we'll see, because I'd love to see how much better we can do in actually training for an event.

Team Hayes said...

Sarah, did you and Carlos just do the Salinas half? I wanted to do it when it was scheduled for August 14th, then they changed it to the 7th, which happened to be the day of my family reunion. Maybe I'll do it next year! Anyway, good job! That's amazing that you guys just went out and did it! I would have been dying the next day has I not trained. TNT was great at preparing me in all areas: nutrition, mental, physical. I can't wait to do it again.