01 April 2010

5 months later....

I recently watched Cori's 'labor video' and am impatiently waiting to see her 'birth video'. Watching her video made me a little bit sad that we didn't get more video of our experience. But, I figured I would share what we did capture. I don't know how to edit these together to make them cute, so this is what you get. The following three videos were all filmed within 10 minutes of each other. (The videos don't fit in my blog, so to see the full screen version of them, click on the link in the upper left corner of the video.)

When I look down and make a face at the very end of this one, Sam was already coming out. Brad turned off the camera and went to go help. I was laughing hysterically for the three minutes following this video. I kind of wish Brad would have left the camera on and just set it down...but I'm sure there were extra chins involved, so maybe it's okay that he turned it off!

This one was filmed at 1:06, and he was already all cleaned up, and SO calm. I was a little worried that he wasn't making any noise.

This one is at 1:10. I loved just staring at him! He couldn't take his eyes off of mine. Sweet little bruised-face Sam.

This is almost an hour after Sam was born, when Melynda and Amy brought Jocelyn to the hospital to meet Sam. I didn't know Amy was filming, so I stare at the camera waiting for her to take a picture like a big dork (just like I did with Brad in the first video).

I hate the sound of my own voice in these videos, but love how I reprimand Brad for not looking hard enough for the fingernail clippers at the end of the last video. Oh, memories!


MHughes said...

I hate my voice in our videos too! I totally sound like a dork. Loved seeing the videos, Sam was an easy birth!

Anonymous said...

Mind you this is coming from some one who has never had childern...I love how you are lying there legs spred and the nurses and standing there just looking at you crotch...I know I know his head was probaly starting to crown but still its just odd to me. :)I Love how loving Joey was right away too.


Jen G-son said...

wow......really???? That's it? No screaming? Crying? Laaaaaame

Amanda Evans said...

This is totally cool! You are like a birthing pro! I don't have any video of mine because Travis AFB wouldn't allow it, BUMMER! These are great!