17 June 2008


Jocelyn, Melynda and I flew from Japan to Korea on Saturday. We have been here visiting my sister Amanda. It was Jocelyn's first plane ride and she did really well! The C-5 was really loud, so nobody would have been able to hear her even if she cried.

This morning I fed Joey and then put her down on the floor for some tummy time. I looked up for a couple of seconds to see something Amanda was trying to show me. I looked back down and Jocelyn was on her back! I put her back on her tummy and grabbed my camera. So, you are actually seeing her roll over for the second time, not the first time.

Make sure to keep watching until the very end. You will also see Jocelyn getting smacked in the face with a toy truck for the first time ever!

I am sad that Brad will not be able to see this for two weeks.

15 June 2008

Chitter Chatter

Another video of Joey.

12 June 2008

One more for daddy before he gets back on the boat. :)

10 June 2008

I can no longer call him 'the other half' of Team Hayes!

The oldest third of Team Hayes is unable to receive videos into his ship email account. He also cannot view MySpace, Blogspot, or anything like that from his 'offical use only' computer onboard. Right now, he is somewhere that he can access a computer that will let him view these things. So, I have decided to post another cute little video clip of our daughter for him to see. Enjoy, daddy!

09 June 2008

giraffe poop

I was shopping at the children's store on base, perusing the clearance rack, when I saw this adorable pink giraffe print sleeper. I looked closer and noticed two green ovals embroidered just beneath the tail of the baby giraffe. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it could be, but came up with only one solution. There are green giraffe turds embroidered on this baby outfit!!! I am still trying to think of what else it could possibly be. Of course, it doesn't matter because she still looks adorable in it!

This is how happy she is to be dressed like a pink baby giraffe:

06 June 2008

Pirate Baby

I really had nothing better to do.

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

...but, I cannot think of any to describe this picture! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. ***Warning to those with bladder control problems, put on a depends before viewing the photo below.***

01 June 2008

Jocelyn's first trip to the pool

We went to the base pool today. The water was way too cold for Joey to get in with me, but I still splashed her a little bit. It was a beautiful day and I got a really scary sunburn. She looked so cute in her bathing suit from Aunt Jodi. I just wanted to share a couple pictures.

Sayonara Kitty Hawk!!!

Brad left this past Wednesday. When he returns, it will be aboard the USS George Washington. The USS Kitty Hawk is sailing off into the sunset for good. The Navy has not yet decided what fate the 'Battle Cat' will meet. She could end up as a museum, as scrap metal, or even as new decoration for the ocean floor.

When the ship pulled out on Wednesday, we had a little going away party for it. It was the last time this ship would ever pull out of Yokosuka, Japan. Commissioned in 1961, the USS Kitty Hawk has called Yokosuka it's home port since 1998. It is the ship with the longest active status in the history of the Navy (excluding the USS constitution, which I don't think should count).

Anyway, Jocelyn and I hung out to watch the ship pull out. Here are a couple photos from that day.

There were sailors "manning the rails" as the ship pulled out. When the ship got into the bay the sailors spelled out 'SAYONARA' on the flight deck.

If you are interested in reading the article from the base newspaper, the link is: