17 June 2008


Jocelyn, Melynda and I flew from Japan to Korea on Saturday. We have been here visiting my sister Amanda. It was Jocelyn's first plane ride and she did really well! The C-5 was really loud, so nobody would have been able to hear her even if she cried.

This morning I fed Joey and then put her down on the floor for some tummy time. I looked up for a couple of seconds to see something Amanda was trying to show me. I looked back down and Jocelyn was on her back! I put her back on her tummy and grabbed my camera. So, you are actually seeing her roll over for the second time, not the first time.

Make sure to keep watching until the very end. You will also see Jocelyn getting smacked in the face with a toy truck for the first time ever!

I am sad that Brad will not be able to see this for two weeks.

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Patty said...

The end where she gets nailed by the truck is the best part!! Not to lessen the accomplishment of her rolling over but the truck is pretty funny!!! Congratulations. It was great to see you on Skype the other day. Can't wait to see you this summer and meet Joey.