04 March 2012

Spending log 4-21 March...Gross.

Sunday, March 4th -
mini mart - $9 (2 cases of mountain dew, one fountain dr. pepper)
downloaded Dr. Mario for Wii - $10
Katelyn's Birthday present - $75 @ gymboree.com

Monday, March 5th -

BX - toiletries, diapers, soda $32

Tuesday, March 6th -

Commissary - $32 (milk and chocolate/coffee/candy/ macadamia nuts for care package)
post office $12
plane meal and adult beverage - $13
airport parking at San Diego airport - $2
Taco bell $7

Wednesday, March 7th -
Dr. Pepper at Walgreens - $2
Gas in Hillary's car - $40
Dairy queen $4

Thursday March 8th -
Lunch at Chick Fil A - $9
Dinner from Popeyes - $23

Friday March 9th

Food court Thai - $11
See's - $8 cash
Walgreens - $16 (razors, snacks, gum, kid gifts)

Saturday, March 10th -
In n Out Burger - $6
dollar store - $5
Olive Garden (Hillary's birthday)- $103

Sunday, March 11th

Winchell's Donuts - $9
McDonalds - $9

Monday, March 12th -

dollar store- $12 (party supplies)
walmart - $20 (bag, shirt, anbesol, thank you card)
patch car tire - $20
gas in Hillary's car - $50
Chick Fil A- $22 (had to get a ton of nuggets to bring home for Brad

Tuesday, March 13th
Requested DD214 online - $105
BX (printer ink and Alka Seltzer) - $30

Wednesday, March 14th-

Wendy's for lunch - $20
Candy- $5 I went to the NEX for transmission fluid, then Brad called and said he didn't need it after all....so I bought robins eggs and little bags of mini m&ms.
Electric bill for our house in Nebraska that the stupid tenant has STILL not put in their name!!! -$90 GRR.

Thursday, March 15th-

PayPal transfer for Steph's cloth diapers - baby shower gift
Jack in the box - $10

Friday March 16th -
Wendy's for Lunch - $20
Commissary - $36 (salad, creamer, and brownies for homeport, and milk and eggs for us)
Girl Scout cookies - $20

Saturday, March 17th-
Movies (The Lorax) - $21 for tickets, $22 for popcorn, icee and soda
Caramel apple and chocolate covered sunflower seeds at the mall - $7
Stella and Dot party order - $69

Sunday, March 18th-
Tastefully Simple party order - $36

Monday, March 19th -

Care package stuff for my Secret Easter bunny exchange with my DDC - $50
Post office - $31 (sent care package...and express mailed house contracts)
Soon's Korean BBQ for lunch - $18

Tuesday, March 20th -
Pizza at the BX for lunch - $10
Care package stuff at BX for Cedars and soda- $55
Post office - $12
Commissary - $75 (fruit, milk, veggies, soap, juice, cheese, mouthwash, etc)
Wire transfer to Escrow account for our new house - $3,500
Minimart - $14 (sunflower seeds, snacks, soda)

Wednesday, March 21st -
Dumbell Fitness shirt - $20
Target - $25 (diapers and wipes. So sad about this, but I had to get them for Sam because he is having issues with his boy parts, and I can't use the stuff that will heal him with his cloth diapers).
Steak Out - $18
Starbucks - $7 (frappuccino, chocolate milk, and lemon pound cake)
CPO birthday ball tickets - $100

This equals $1527, excluding the $3500 Escrow Deposit.

That's disgusting.

It could have been worse, the money spent on taking the Wilke's out to dinner, putting gas in their car and fixing their tire would have been A LOT more had I needed a hotel and rental car for my trip. The donuts and other fast foods weren't exactly necessary, but I would have spent nearly the same on eating healthier options while there.

That whole trip and at least $200 of what has been spent since I got back (printer ink, DD214, express mail, etc) were things we absolutely had to do for the house buying process. We are about to be shelling out a bunch more here and there for appraisals and inspections.

$290 of that was just on fast food, soda, and candy. All completely unnecessary.

$150 of that was on unnecessary entertainment (movies, ball, and video game)

$65 was spent at the post office

Over $300 was spent on gifts and stuff for other people (which I can almost always justify as needs) :)

$110 on crap from Tastefully Simple and Stella&Dot that I absolutely didn't need.

About $350 was actually spent on stuff that we could classify as needs, and a lot of that wasn't actually needed.

We always save $1200 a month, before we even get paid. $525 to savings, and about $700 to TSP. So, we are still saving and only spending what is available to us...but still, it needs to stop. We could be using that money for more savings, or more tithing...not little insignificant splurges here and there that add up to substantial amounts each month. Bleh.

I feel like we have completely lost control of our spending. We were supposed to be more aware, and make better decisions this month...but we seem to have returned right back to our norm, which is very bad. At least this answers the question of where all of our money was going each month. It IS going to change. We WILL be better. This is embarrassing. Yes, we did some abnormal things, like take a trip and start the house buying process...but we have done a really crappy job of making Brad's lunch, and instead have been picking up drive through fare to bring to him almost every day. Also, the sodas and candy bars and crap need to stop completely. We didn't need to go to the movies or buy four boxes of Samoas, and the CPO ball isn't exactly a necessity either. Oh my, we have our work cut out for us. We know we can go without these things. It shouldn't be this hard to employ our self control.

Will update again on April 1st. We still have a lot to spend this month, with Jocelyn's birthday coming up, and planning for some other gatherings. I hope we can do better in April.

03 March 2012

We've gone spend crazy!!!

We started spending money again, as normal, on March first. We will be logging every dollar we spend this month, and oh man did we blow a bunch of money on the first! As you know from the previous blog, we get a little over $1500 each pay day. Well, here is an account of what we spent just on the first day of the month.

$175 - Jocelyn's preschool tuition
$100 - cell phones
$40 - internet
$8 - Netflix
$20 - Menehune water delivery
$405 - groceries (for the entire month except extra milk/eggs/fruit/etc)
$110 - gas for both cars
$400 - my plane ticket to San Diego for next week
$62 - spent at the NEX on breast milk storage bags($32 two boxes @ $16 each), diapers and wipes for Brad while I am in San Diego ($15), and underwear for Sam ($15 - 3 packs @ $5 each - little boy chonies are expensive!!)

All of that, except Jocelyn's tuition, was paid for using our Giant's rewards VISA...yeah the one Brad got on accident at a Giant's game 7 years ago when we were trying to get free beach towels. That is the first and only credit card he as ever had/used (besides the Star Card he got to buy our new furniture for 10% off, then paid off before interest and canceled). We use it for everything because it earns us points. I think right now we have enough points to do all of our Christmas shopping this year. ANYWAY, at the end of the day on the 1st, he made a $1065 payment to cover everything we spent that day
(the plane ticket was actually purchased a couple days before).

Brad gave me my $200 allowance, and I spent $15 on lunch at McDonalds for myself and the kids, then I tipped the bagger at the Commissary $3 (loading the van with that many groceries took some Tetris-like skills). I spent $18 of my allowance, and have $182 remaining.

Brad got a $1560 deposit, transferred me $200, paid $1065 on the credit card, and now has $295 remaining. YIKES! how did that happen so fast? Haha.

It is now March 3rd, and the only money spent yesterday was $5 at the mini mart. Brad stopped by the mini-mart on his way home to pick up some soda. I didn't buy any at the commissary on the 1st because it was $6 for a 12-pack, eek! He grabbed a 12-pack of Mt. Dew (ew), and a large fountain Dr, Pepper for me. I am going to search the island for the cheapest Dr. Pepper tomorrow! :)

Today, Brad went to see Act of Valor with some buddies, and spent $20 on a movie ticket, popcorn and a soda.

So, we currently have about $450 between the two of us until next payday, and the $277 from last month's cash envelope is still on our fridge. We still plan to save as much as we can for our move, so Brad plans to take lunch to work every day, and I am planning on avoiding taking the kids out for lunch, smoothies, shopping, etc.

The hard part is going to be that I am going to San Diego for a week, and there IS a Chick-Fil-A there, so I will have to practice some serious self control to not eat there every day! :)

I will keep track of our spending over the next week and a half and update when I get back from San Diego. I don't expect many people to read this...but putting it out there is going to help with the whole accountability factor for us! So, thanks for reading and helping us out! :)